There are times when it is difficult to ignore a conversation that is going on nearby.  Travelling in a train, or sitting in a cafe are just a couple of occasions when this might occur.  This happened yesterday when I met up with a friend and we grabbed a quick cup of coffee.  Sitting at the next table were two couples, and the ladies were having a hard time – you’ll know the sort of thing I mean….

Husband 1 ‘Why is it that women make so much mess in the kitchen?

Husband 2 ‘I know just what you mean.  Porridge pans!  Why do they leave them in such a state?’

Husband 1 ‘Oh boy, they take forever to clean. Then what do you do with the sloppy stuff that’s left?

Husband 2 ‘I’ve given up with those, I leave them for you, don’t I dear.’ (there was a sneer in this remark)

Wife 2 (who had been quietly seething while this was going on) ‘You have the nerve to complain about the porridge pan when you’ve only been washing it up since you retired!  You’ve eaten porridge every day for 35 years, washed it up for 6 months and you think it’s a chore?  Take it from me, you’re having cornflakes from now on whether you like it or not!’

It reminded me of a conversation that I overheard at a party a long time ago, it has stuck with me ever since.

First Man ‘Of course, we got lost.  She can’t read a map, you know’

Second Man ‘Ha ha, of course she can’t, she’s a woman.’

Third Man ‘Blimey, I wouldn’t let HER navigate, she can’t find her way anywhere can you?’

Downtrodden Wife (smiling sweetly) ‘No darling, I can’t read a map very well, but I have to admit that as a woman I am fully qualified to both raise AND LOWER the lavatory seat.’

Silence and shuffling of feet.

Have a fun day – and if you hear anything that amuses you, let me know.

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