THERE you are!

We went on a quick selling trip yesterday.  It was to a place that we know well, and where most of our customers are familiar and almost friends.  One of these is deaf, and has the most delightful little ‘hearing’ dog who accompanies her on all trips.  Tilly is always at her side, very friendly and alert at all times, so when she went missing there was consternation all around and the search ‘was on’!

Time for us to go – so we began to pack up….

Guess what we found……

Actually, she is so cute I could easily have brought her home, but she knew where her loyalty lies!  As soon as the game was up she trotted off with her owner, looking really pleased with herself.

If you would like to learn a new skill there are a couple of online courses that start tomorrow that might be of interest.  Further information can be found here.