The Written Word

Every now and then we come across something that takes us back to our childhood.  I saw something recently that did just that.

This photograph is of an item that was for sale in an Etsy shop, and I have to admit that it wasn’t the bookmark that attracted my attention at first, it was the book on which it is displayed.  (The shop is worth checking out, by the way, and I have asked permission to use the photograph)

A copy of this very book stood on the bookshelf at my grandparents house.  When we visited I would take it down and read an entry or two.  It seemed to me that it held all the wisdom of the world, and I believed every word that I read.  At some point it moved from their bookshelf to ours at home.  I would still dip into it, and would be fascinated, amongst other things, by the descriptions of some of the towns and cities that were featured.  One day, after a little persuading, we went on a little family trip to one of these.  It was an historic town, and from reading the book we knew that it featured a lovely church, pillory, stocks and town walls.

The walls were evident.  We wandered around, up and down.  The church was there too, and I distinctly remember the stained glass windows, however no matter how hard we looked we couldn’t find the pillory and stocks.  Finally my father spotted a policeman (these were the days of tall helmets and friendly ‘coppers’ on the beat), so who better to ask?  ‘Sorry Sir, they were removed in 1935!’  I’m sure the rest of the ‘coppers’ laughed when they heard the story, but I was shattered.  I had every confidence in that book – and it had let me down.

Since then I have read many books, they all let me down except one.  The bible has never let me down, and I dip into it constantly.  It really does hold the answer to everything, and, if you search within it, is inspirational.  So today my thanks goes to the word of God.  It is a priviledge to read it, and even more to begin to understand it.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path  Psalm 119:105

5 thoughts on “The Written Word

  1. oh my yes – so many disappointments, let downs, and “but how could they/it/ lie to me”, until One looks to Lord Jesus, reads His word, and the Holy SPirit will reveal –
    People too disappoint and yet, when one’s expectation is of the Lord, one is NEVER disappointed 😀 nope, He never disappoints :O)


  2. agreed!
    The book you so loved though, was probably very outdated thus the disappointment. 😦
    The more I read the Bible, the more I want to read the Bible. 🙂


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