Silence is Golden

There is nothing better than silence.  We are bombarded constantly with sound.  I’ve had a superfluity of noise over the Christmas break, so today I’m so very thankful that I can be quiet.  Over the years I have learnt to live with constant sound.  I don’t listen to it, but I can still hear it.  How exciting it would be to watch closedown on TV and observe the little white dot as everything shuts off!  In a perfect world there would be no TV until 9pm, and it would all be over by 9.30pm, and it would only be on 3 evenings a week!  Radio would also be under similar restrictions, but it could operate occasionally from 7 am until 7.30am.  The rest of the day I’d live with my thoughts.

Yes, I know I’m odd!  I was brought up to be my own person, and it seems to have stuck.  I still don’t recognise ‘celebrities’.  I don’t know their names, either, much to the amusement of my grandchildren.


One thought on “Silence is Golden

  1. I’m with you – I’m rather fond of silence as well. I like to hear the birds sing, the wind in the trees, the shushing of the sea on the shore and the crackle of twigs underfoot. Constant noise really could be used as a form of torture on me…


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