Happy New Year

The first day of a New Year.  The page is turned and it is as though a whole new life is before us.  Of course, that’s rubbish.  It’s the same life, and the novelty will wear off very quickly.  The first day back at work will be the worst – and then life will just go on as normal.  So, I thought today would be a good day to take stock and make a few things clear.

Firstly, I don’t really care about government forecasts.  I will be just as optimistic in 2011 as ever.

Secondly, 2011 will not be the year that I get fit

Thirdly, 2011 probably won’t be the year I lose weight.

There, that’s that out of the way.

2011 will be the best that I can make it, and the best that I can make it for people around me.  I’ve joined up to the ‘post a day’, so I’m hoping it will also be the best blogging year too.  (All I need now are some readers).

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year Myfanwy!
    Good luck with the daily post- I’m sure you’ll do it!
    Your family and friends are blessed to have you.


  2. Hehehe I love the way you get the standard resolutions out of the way! 😛

    I am hoping to fit a lot more in this year and it will be an exciting learning curve trying to cram it all in and still find time to sleep! 😉


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