Flora and Fauna

Isn’t it always the way!  I forgot my camera!  Yes, yesterday I had the best possible chance to take two special photographs, and my camera was at home sitting on the desk.

We went to Urchfont Manor.  I’ll be returning there next month to teach a course (more about that another day), but yesterday was something different, we were relaxed and had time on our hands to observe the lovely grounds.

The first opportunity came very unexpectedly.  A tiny bird, at first unrecognisable, flitted amongst the branches of a bush about 6 feet in front of us.  It was visible for well over ten minutes, and although it was cold we were able to stand and watch it.  It posed for us, and the photograph would have been wonderful!  However…..

It was a goldcrest, and I haven’t seen one this close before, so it was very special.  If only I’d had my camera I could have snapped it several times, but I’ve had to resort to the above one from the RSPB website, and if you click the picture you will be able to read what they have to say about the pretty little creature.

The next opportunity was to photograph a couple of deer.  Our vantage point was the same spot from which we had see the bird.  Their position was in view of the road, and at one point they stopped, absolutely frozen, watching as a couple walked along.  They didn’t see the deer, and we were able to watch from about 200 yards.  Our view was once again perfect, especially due to the lack of foliage on the deciduous trees – and a frustratingly missed opportunity.

I must remember to take the camera next time.  Don’t forget to remind me.  If I don’t – it will be YOUR fault.


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