A Week’s ‘Work’

I was away for ten days, however, I think I have far more than ten days of blog posts to relate!  It was a working holiday, but included plenty of relaxation.  The weather was beautiful on several days, but we also had rain and wind, and those were the days that had already been earmarked for ‘work’.

Yesterday I introduced you to Olwyn.  It wasn’t until I began today’s post, however that I realised I didn’t take any photographs of the pre-arranged workshop I taught in Rhydymain.  I have no idea how that happened – and I’m really cross.  However, another workshop was rapidly arranged for a local school, and you can read about that here.  We really did have fun on both days, and more workshops are already booked for next year.

The problem with teaching the embellisher is that there are still a lot of people out there with no machine.  That’s not a problem as I have 11 (yes, you did read that correctly).  We regularly take 6 with us when we travel, and they fill the car quite well, as you can imagine.  Holidays, therefore, that incorporate such teaching trips mean we have to cut down on many things, and arrive only with the neccessities.

Or do we?

We visit Wales at the same time each year.  It is a relaxing break when we don’t plan to do much.  We sleep and rest, but it is also a time for me to plan workshops for the coming year and to work on some of my own things that have had to take a back seat.  Consequently the car was full to bursting.  There was so much I couldn’t remember what I had packed, but I also managed to squeeze in my tiny Janome sewing machine.  I had an idea, but frankly didn’t think I’d have time to do it.  Strange, though, isn’t it – when your mind is focussed you can achieve far more than you think, and especially if you have to make do with what is to hand….

I didn’t start sewing until Wednesday, so there were only a few days (or rather evenings) to complete whatever I started.  I began by making fragments of some precious fabrics I had taken with me.  Believe it or not I managed to finish a full piece, but it needs mounting and framing, so your view of it will be at a later date.  The offcuts have made some lovely cards, though, and here are two.

At the back of my mind I had a slightly larger project, but as I had never made one before, and didn’t have any of the tools which are apparently essential, had no expectations in that area.  However, I woke up one morning with a thought – and it was raining, the ideal time to see what I could do.

What was it?  A quilt for my youngest GD.  I had forgotten that I had 10 fat quarters of cotton fabric with me.  No proper scissors, however, and certainly no cutting mat or rulers.  If you are a quilting purist please look away now as you may not like what you see.

I woke with the thought that the first person who made a quilt didn’t have any of those accoutrements either!  So I set to and tore some strips (ouch, did that hurt?)  As I said, no measuring tools, the only way to divide the fabric into evenly sized pieces was to half and half again (and finally again in some instances).  I then sewed them all together, trying very hard not to get them all in the same sequence.

(Sshh, can you see the torn edge?)

I delved deeper into my box and found some white fabric.  Phew!

All things considered, I don’t think it looks too bad!

Frankly, I want this quilt to be used and loved, so if it falls to bits through love, I can always mend it – with love.

Of course, there were trimmings, and I couldn’t bear to waste those, so….

…. I stitched them all down and turned them into a postcard!  (Just perfect for scrinchies)

We had trips out too, but I’ll tell you about those another day….

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  1. What a busy 10 days you had, and how amazing that you created a quilt – just like that! You’re so talented, I’m overawed!!!!! Love the postcard too 🙂


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