The day that the rains came down

It’s coming up to the first week of Wimbledon.  Why are we surprised that the summer weather has disappeared?  It’s wet!  Last week we were complaining that the gardens needed rain – well, some of them don’t any longer!

Don’t complain!  Water is the source of life.  As I watched the rain fall earlier (it was really heavy) this is what I kept thinking

‘Don’t complain about the storm – just learn to dance in the rain’

Whatever the weather, whatever is happening in your life – learn to dance.  It helps.

(This is a related post written 19th June)

3 thoughts on “The day that the rains came down

  1. We got very heavy rains too, yesterday … it was coming down in sheets, sort of. Cool to watch… I don’t dance that much, but I love the rain and the fog.


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