Nostalgia continues!

Well, this week seems to have turned into a session of looking back, so I thought I would continue the theme for today’s post.

Yesterday I introduced my brother.  I thought I’d better convince you that he did grow up!

I was 10 when this was taken!  This was school uniform.  The jumper, cardigans and V-neck were all hand-knitted by grandmothers.  I recognise the pattern of the jumper I’m wearing – it was one our Welsh grandmother knitted many times.

I wonder what he was writing.  Even the artifacts on the table bring back memories – and the tablecloth was embroidered by our mother during her arduous journeys in the back of a truck to and from the radio station.

Of course, I made more noise than he did – as you can see in this photograph.  But…. just how do you play the piano without doing so?

6 thoughts on “Nostalgia continues!

  1. ahh … I wish I had photos like that! I played the piano too, but my brother had moved out by then 🙂

    I would for sure recognize all artefacts too, were I to look at a similar photo! Ohhh… the nostalgia !


  2. Your mother and grandmother would be happy to know their handiwork brought back good memories for you. 🙂

    I played the piano, too, and I’m sure our home was filled with more noise than music in those early years!

    Thanks for the look back into your family history!


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