Collage a Day – day 1 and Weekly Photograph Challenge

Today is the last day of seven months of daily blogging.  It hasn’t been arduous, I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’ve met some lovely ‘new’ bloggers and found some amazing blogs.  Also, as I’ve said before, it has inspired me in other areas too.  I’ve been stitching a few paper fragments, which I think I’ve shown you before,

and some of these can be seen here, however, I’ve been making a few other quick (the emphasis is on QUICK) collages using some of my mountains of hand-dyed paper and fabric.  Over the next 7 days or so I’ll show you one each day.  Some of them are finished, some are waiting for an image or words.  I appreciate constructive comments on any of them.  It’s interesting to find that I’m working in colours I would normally reject.

Here is number one.

This was finished this morning.  The finished size is 6″ x 4″, just right for a postcard…..

The weekend photo challenge for this week is ‘Broken’.  As soon as I read it I thought of this picture

So many of the plants have been damaged by our strange weather.  However, a few days of sun and a large bout of ‘dead-heading’ will soon restore order.

If only life was always like that.

8 thoughts on “Collage a Day – day 1 and Weekly Photograph Challenge

  1. You seem to fit a lot in too, Sheila. I don’t watch TV, well, hardly ever, so I need a break from work occasionally! Of course, now that computers are so beautifully mobile helps too. It’s surprising what can be fitted into half an hour – If I have the ideas I can schedule a whole week’s posts!

    You should have had another contact from me by now, hope it’s come through. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive that beautiful postcard!! Yes, the strange weather has left many ‘broken’ plants. Maybe it has taught us some life lessons along the way, too! One is that we can find beauty even in brokenness, if only we take time to look for it! 😉


  3. Hi,
    I’ve enjoyed it too … quite amazing, that already seven months have flown by.
    Love the collages… the colours too. I wouldn’t have liked those colours a few years back, but now I do.


  4. Congratulations on seven months of daily blogging! Love the photos! The colors in the collage and the colors in the “Broken” photo match.


  5. Absolutely love your pieces of art! It’s always calming to find snippets of peace wherever we can find them…and I find your handiwork does just that for me. 😉

    huge hugs…for your craftsmanship. 🙂


  6. I love the idea, especially the limited time you promise to spend on each collage. It’s a different challenge and a realistic spin on the ubiquitous theme of, “XXX a Day”.

    I love this first one. Although I like your color palette in general (I find it ironinc you would not normally use these colors), I particularly love this one because of how the colors flow together, blend.

    Looking forward to seeing whatever else you dream up.



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