Can you keep a secret?

Rushing around the supermarket and just grabbing what you think you are buying is sometimes a mistake!  Guess what I had for breakfast…….

Don’t tell anyone, it was chocolate chip brioche and coffee.  It wasn’t meant to be – but somehow the pack of picnic rolls I’d chosen transformed themselves on the way home.  Somehow it seemed a shame to waste them on a filling of egg and cress!  I’ll probably survive the ordeal of having to eat them so early in the morning…..

Anyway, here is Collage number 3.

Same rules followed – quick, no real pondering about placement.  I’ve also created a page for these, you can find it here or with the above link.

3 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?

  1. That’s pretty good! I find the opposite happens to me. I sit at home and tell myself “I am totally rebelling and am going to buy a box of Guylian chocolates when I grocery-shop today”. Then I shop, and walk around thinking “there was something, something SPECIAL I wanted to get…” but I can’t remember, and nothing I run my eyes over calls out to me, so I come home with three heads of broccoli and some rolled oats. THEN I remember I was going to lash out and buy chocolate…Doh!


  2. Sometimes I start the day…with dessert. So brioche and coffee sounds like breakfast by comparison. We all sin…once-in-awhile. It reinforces those times when we are good. We wouldn’t know the difference, otherwise. Don’t you think? 😉


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