One day……

……. I’d like to visit all the piers in the UK.  I’ve seen several, but there are still a few to go.  It’s the concept that I find so amazing, and to think that they were built so long ago.  This one is at Worthing, and this was taken to feature the overall colour combination rather than the pier itself.

Day 6 of collage a day, and here it is.  I’m still working in the same similar colourway.  The papers are reducing, so at some point I’ll move on to another.  It’s doing me good, though, we don’t always have to work in colours we like.


If you are enjoying the collage you might be interested in this tutorial I posted yesterday.  It isn’t collage exactly, but is related.

4 thoughts on “One day……

  1. I like the idea of a pier tour. Or an apple tour or a highway scenic tour. It helps you realize the differences, sameness, varieties and abundance. The collages are great – I am in awe of people who can blend things and create art!


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