Hubble Bubble

As the Festival of Quilts approaches things get more and more manic!

It would be lovely to be able to tell you that supper was bubbling away in the crock pot, but it isn’t!  In fact, the crockpot I’m using in the above photograph has never been used for food, and it never will……  It’s hubbling and bubbling on the studio counter.  The quality of the photograph isn’t good because the steam and reflections are getting in the way.  Is this easier to see?

I dye a variety of fabrics this way, this batch is distinctly purple, but that isn’t always the case

Above and below are some that I dyed yesterday

There’s more to do – so it’s back to the dyepot. I’m moving on to a different one now, if you are good, I might show you that tomorrow!  But then again……

Here’s today’s collage

5 thoughts on “Hubble Bubble

  1. Love the colours in your crocpot, whish I had kept my slow cooker which I only used when we were up in our holiday cottage in Wooler. When we gave it up the slow cooker went, or maybe it is up in the loft. You’ve given me an idea, it would be better for dying small items than my BIG jam pan.


  2. Last year my daughter used crock pots purchased at thrift stores to melt down and recycle old candles. I never thought of using the crock pots as dyepots. Good idea!


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