A Day Out, and the Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture

Once a year properties that are normally closed to the public are opened for us to have a peek.  Buildings of national importance or architectural heritage allow mere mortals a glimpse of their former glories.  Yesterday was such a day.

As you can see, we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of this event.  We visited a house that we have passed many times during the last several years, but entrance has always been ‘taboo’.  How could we miss this opportunity?

The above photo is of the back of the house.  The front is in the process of being refurbished, so this glimpse is all you are getting today.

Lots of texture here – the bricks, stonework etc, but this isn’t the texture I’ve chosen for this week’s photo challenge.  The house is over 400 years old, and it has interesting history attached to it, as you can imagine.  The grounds are interesting too, with lakes, deer, and I’m sure I saw a hint of reindeer too, but I could have been mistaken.

This tree took our eye.  The growth at the top is not part of the original tree which is severely truncated.  The portion that is growing is in fact a silver birch, and the tree with the enormous trunk, an oak, is dead.

The plaque gives a glimpse into the past life of the Estate, and tells how the tree was destroyed.  And so – we finally come to the texture that is the main focus of this post.

How about this for bark!  I think it qualifies as ‘texture’.  There’s more here too.

Where is it?  This link may well surprise you if you fully investigate.

By the way, my collage journeys continue, and now you can even buy some here.  Let me know if you would like one that isn’t yet listed.

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  2. Everything about this place made me marvel of the glorious past. The dead tree is beautiful and haunting. As for the bark, the textured surface symbolizes the history and stories it witnessed throughout the years. It reminded me of our wrinkles, a sign that we lived our lives… And they were richly blessed. Worderful post!


  3. Wonderful post. I, too, love trees and bark and old houses. I checked the link and read the history. What a marvelous place…I agree with the island traveler that the wrinkles we have come from how we have lived our lives…it is all reflected in the faces or even the bark, if you will. If this bark could talk, what a story we might here! Thank you for posting.


  4. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who is intrigued by the texture of bark and the stories it could tell. Splendid photos and post! Thank you.


    1. Yes, do try to visit next year, it’s well worth it. Security was high, but it was a very good day. Make sure you allow plenty of time, the grounds are lovely too. Tea and cakes and icecream on hand too (but not free, LOL)


  5. […] I don’t often let you see inside my journal!  It is a collection of sketches, art effects and bits and pieces, usually purely a working surface for a variety of reasons.  Today, I thought I’d show you just a quick glimpse inside as you saw the beginning and inspiration in yesterday’s post. […]


  6. Dear Friend (which I’m sure we will be once my blog is on:hopefully within a week) Meanwhile yours is one of only a few I have read as I assemble my own blog, and yours HIT THE SPOT! i LOVE IT! This is primarily because I too am into textiles. Not enough room here to tell my story, but if you can get hold of my book, SPINNING AND DYEING THE NATURAL WAY(VAN NOSTRAND REINHOLD, 1974), now a collectors’
    item and still selling … even in China I learned, you will get to know how much we have in common. I do look forward to exchanging Chittle Chattle with you via the blogs. My blog will be concerned primarily with my fiction books and poetry, but I think you and I will have a lot to chat about. At this time I am weaving to relax after bouts with my computer. I am not at all the technical type my eldest daughter is, so she is presently designing my blog. I just hope it is one iota as good as yours! You seem like a great lady … a darn smart one, and an intriguing artist! Please feel free to email me at your leisure (if any) before my blog gets on. Best regards and congratulations on your terrific blog!

    Ruth Lowry


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