Let’s learn together

Today is as good a time as any to learn a new skill, so here are some instructions for something I’m sure you will enjoy.

Instructions for ease

1 Imagine and execute original design ideal. Suitability for finished article must be mindful throughout. Time taken is immaterial as enjoyment is of the utmost.

 2 Prepare finished design for inlay. Regard suitable size and rough edges. Too much must be removed.

3 Glue must be applied being careful of excess stickiness resulting in over-indulgence. Be mindful of back flap which must be free and front flap which must not.

IMPORTANT: Front flap will be middle flap when design ideal inserted to space. Ensure no confusion occurs.

4 Paper insert should be inserted ensuring that inset is inserted inset.

5 If all else is failing, original design ideal may be out-taken space from glossy magazine. Using scissors proceed as of 2

For obstructions in other languages please send addressed stamp.

(But not to me…….)

Please post links to finished objects below.  I’m looking forward to seeing just how creative you all are 😉

Today’s photograph

Today’s colour fix

8 thoughts on “Let’s learn together

  1. Got it! “Paper insert should be inserted ensuring that inset is inserted inset.”Could you please restate this in English?

    How funny….I’m sure you did this in Greek to confuse those of us handicapped in sewing.


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