Let’s Learn Together – Part 2

Did you enjoy yesterday’s post?  Did you work out what was to be made? Or were you so confused your head is still hurting! Believe it or not, they were the instructions for making a simple card!

Instructions for ease (well, they were supposed to be easy….)

1 Imagine and execute original design ideal.

In other words, make your design…..

Suitability for finished article must be mindful throughout.

Think about the finished object – if it’s too big it won’t fit!

Time taken is immaterial as enjoyment is of the utmost.

Enjoy the process

The finished design is to be fitted into a three-fold card.  It isn’t something I do very often, and the only one I could find is somewhat crumpled, sorry.  Basically, the design on which you have decided has to be stuck into the middle

2 Prepare finished design for inlay. Regard suitable size and rough edges. Too much must be removed.

In other words, TRIM IT!

3 Glue must be applied being careful of excess stickiness resulting in over-indulgence.Be mindful of back flap which must be free and front flap which must not.

IMPORTANT: Front flap will be middle flap when design ideal inserted to space. Ensure no confusion occurs.

Don’t use too much glue around the aperture!  It will be messy if you do…..

4 Paper insert should be inserted ensuring that inset is inserted inset.

I’m guessing that this means stick your design inside – and not on the wrong side

5 If all else is failing, original design ideal may be out-taken space from glossy magazine. Using scissors proceed as of 2

So, if you can’t make an original work of art – you can always choose a pretty picture from a magazine.

If you go back to yesterday’s post and read it all the way through it will now make sense.  It is rather fun now, don’t you agree?

Today’s photograph

Today’s colour fix

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