Looking back – and a question

I’ve been thinking about looking back over the past while.  Today’s post is prompted by another that I’ve published on my working blog, (if you take a trip over there you will see the same journal/sketchbook that I showed you yesterday, but with a different project).  It started when I met up with my uncle and we looked at some old photographs.  I discovered that my memories of certain events were very accurate, even to the date.  These memories went back to before I was two years old, and spanned a number of years.

In contrast, my DH has no real memories of his childhood.  He can remember the occasional summer holiday, but all detail is merged into one.  I’m sure there are reasons for this, and here is probably not the place to disect them.  So, my question is (and no need to go into details) ‘Do you have strong or weak memories of your childhood?’  I’m really just curious about the proportion of people who remember it well. as opposed to the rest……

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5 thoughts on “Looking back – and a question

  1. I don’t have any really early memories, certainly not as young as 2. I think my strongest memories start around 7 years of age as I can remember my junior school from that age and visits to family friends at weekends. Sometimes I’m not sure whether my memories come from real life or from photographs of the event.


  2. Yes, I have very clear memories back over my life from before I was three. And mainly accurate, too.
    In contrast, my brothers have poor memories – even of conversations we had last week!
    Recently, we visited our old area together, the whole family, and I was surprised to discover that my brothers (much younger) remember very little, other than the odd flash. Therefore, I became the unwitting tour guide and have since discovered, to my delight, that this has given them a great deal of pleasure and great insight into our early life. Our old home is now a museum and I was able to show my youngest brother the bedroom where he was born and explain all the changes. It really was the journey of a lifetime and did lay the odd ghost for me.
    A good, clear, long memory is not always a wonderful thing, but in this instance, I am basking in the glory of finally earning the respect of my younger brothers! That is in my opinion, no doubt not in theirs. They have probably forgotten by now, anyway, lol.


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