A miss and a muddle

Firstly, if you missed yesterday’s post, or if you saw it and wondered what on earth it was all about I suggest you take another look.  There should have been a video there, but for some reason it suddenly disappeared.  I’ve put a link in so that you can find it, and it’s quite fun and clever.  Do take a look.

So that was the miss…… now for the muddle

Two weeks ago I had a request for a workshop in November of next year.  We booked the date and I popped it in the diary.  A few days later another phone call announced that the date was wrong!  It should have been a week earlier.  Am I still free?  No, not that week, but I am the one before…..  I waited for a confirming phone call.  Finally it came, no, that won’t work as the venue isn’t free.  What about December?  Well, that’s a little close to Christmas, but yes……

So.  New date put into diary.  Two days later another phone call.

‘Um, sorry, should have booked you for 2014!’

Am I free?

Who knows?

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