Salisbury Cathedral

Are our powercuts over?  I’m not sure, but I’m attempting a new post.  I’ve been so grateful for scheduled posts over the last few days, I’m sneaking this one in between a few more!  When I’m convinced we are OK (they are supposed to be fixing the problem over this weekend) I’ll be back to commenting regularly.

My post for last week’s photo challenge hinted at a recent visit to Salisbury Cathedral.  Visits used to be regular as a late elderly relative lived nearby, however our last trip was a long time ago, and we now had another reason to visit.  We approached through St Anne’s Gate, a side entrance, so not busy with other sightseers

The plaque that you have seen before is on the wall on the left, underneath the trees that overhang, and hidden behind the cars.  It is easily missed

The cathedral is in the middle of extensive conservation work, so the first view is marred by scaffolding

However, it is work that must be done, and once it is complete the result is stunning

Yes, that’s me, but not next to a giant – it’s  a sculpture, and although larger than life, it is very real.

Although not the main reason for visiting, sculpture was the reason for visiting on that particular day.  It was the last time we could visit and also see an exciting exhibition of sculpture that decorated both the inside and grounds of the cathedral.  I have stupidly forgotten the name of the sculptor.  I’ll add it when I remember.

Anthony Gormley has a wire creation hanging in the South Transept.  The blurb says

‘A dense wire mesh of a falling figure within a wire cloud, it leaves viewers to decide whether it is human or angel.’

I have to say that it is very badly displayed.  It is impossible to see properly as the light through the windows is blinding and, frankly, it just looks like a bundle of wire.  It was a great disappointment as I was very moved by his sculpture on the beach in Lancashire.

So, finally we come to the real reason for visiting.  I’m only going to give you a quick look because I want to write more about this another day.  Jane Lemon is a textile artist ‘extraordinaire’.  Over the last many months she has been working on a piece for Amnesty International.  It is well worth seeing.  Originally intended to only be on view at the cathedral for a very short time (hence our haste to visit when we did) it was announced, actually on the day of our trip, that it will be on display in the Morning Chapel until Lent next year.  If you have the chance to see it I know you will be moved.  Make sure you read the handout if you aren’t used to seeing such things depicted in fabric and thread.  The technical skills required to produce something like this are enormous – and Jane has succeeded perfectly.

Prisoner of Conscience by Jane Lemon

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  1. I think photographs that are landscape rather than portrait work well on a blog. I am still experimenting though. I don’t try to take a photograph of a whole church now except for one I did as a panoramic. I photograph interesting doors and features now. The church near my home is well over 600 years old and difficult to photograph. It’s the site of an ancient fort going back 1,000 years. The daughter of King Alfred, Ethelfleda built a fort there!


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  3. Well worth the wait: lovely, lovely post. Beautiful pictures and the textile piece is quite wonderful. Is it Anthony Gormley who had a sculpture in that beautiful staircase in St Paul’s Cathedral? It looks very similar work.


  4. Lots of great photos… You still have your power out? WoW! We barely recovered but not for too long. Were you the baby in the picture with the sculpture? 🙂


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