Weekly Photo Challenge – Wonder

Today we once again drove across Salisbury Plain.  It was a beautiful journey, not clear – just beautifully mist-ical.  The horizon was blurred creating an atmosphere of mist-ery and emphasising the ancient landscape.  By the time we left, however, the mist had lifted.

My photograph for the challenge, however, doesn’t portray the wonder of the landscape mentioned above.  It does, however, pose a question.

‘I wonder what I’ll find under here?’

(Can you see the bug just disappearing?)

The countdown has begun!  Tomorrow I have to prepare all my samples, then on Tuesday I travel the 4 hours north in readiness for Wednesday’s broadcast.  I was asked for a reminder, no doubt you’ll get a couple more……

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Wonder

  1. A beautiful flower. No wonder the bug got attracted to it. Just by reading your description of the landscape, in a way I was able to see how wonderful the horizon and its surroundings was in my imagination. Thank you for todays inspiration. Stay blessed my friend.


  2. Such a lovely light pink flower! I wonder what the bug is doing and where it’s going? Good luck on Wednesday’s broadcast.


  3. I wonder where that bug is going. I used to live in Somerset, working from home, but the company I worked for was based in Hampshire. My favourite way of driving home from meetings at the office was across Salisbury Plain on the A303 until I reached Stonehenge. Stop off, take some photographs, and then use the A334/A360/B390 through Shrewton, Chitterne back to Knook. Then turn up to Woburn and take the Mendip Highway right across the Mendips.

    A longer journey but always worth it because I’d find something to photograph on my way home, mist, rain in the distance, shafts of sunlight, rainbows, lightning. Salisbury Plan is great for photography.


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