All Strapped Up

I considered calling this post ‘Sexy New Bedwear’, but decided against it.  I’m not sure how many new readers might have been attracted, but I didn’t want to shock my regular readers……

So, all strapped up, it is.  You see, I may have carpal tunnel syndrome, so I’ve been provided with these to wear on my hands at night

Aren’t you envious?

11 thoughts on “All Strapped Up

  1. Let’s hope it helps. I have Reynauds syndrome which is going to be a nuisance with the colder weather. My fingers hurt and go numb with the cold; I couldn’t press the button on my camera last winter!


  2. These lovely gadgets worked for a pal of mine. The pain cleared and surgery was never required. My husband had the surgery and has never looked back. Quick recovery and he wondered why he waited so long to have it fixed. Fingers crossed for you!


  3. I sure hope you do not have carpal tunnel. That thing takes for ever to heal, I know a couple people who had to have surgery.


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