Bananas at the beginning

This is a reblog of a post from 2010.  All I can say is…… ‘He’s done it again!’  Read on to find out what he’s done……

Well, this post begins with food, but may well degenerate into something else!

It begins with fried bananas.  Now, I can hear some of you salivating at the very thought.  Me?  Well it took some courage to even type the phrase!  I have to admit that I HATE cooking bananas.  The very thought of having to cook one fills me with nausea, and as for looking at a bowl of bananas and custard – the memory of woolly banana in warm sauce does exactly the same, and please don’t offer me any sort of trifle that includes them, and as for whole bananas on someone’s barbecue …  The strange thing is – I LOVE bananas.  But I love them straight from the fruit bowl and just freshly peeled.

So, what is it about bananas that’s so bad?  It’s the smell…..

As I get older I find that smells are more and more important.  There are other smells that I really don’t like, one of them is the kitchen cleaner CIF.  The smell doesn’t speak to me of cleanliness but of cheap talcum powder, and I won’t even start on that line of thought!    Combination of smells can be a problem too.  Imagine the delicious aroma of your favourite meal cooking only to be completely destroyed by the over indulgent use of spray bleach.  My lovely DH has a passion for bleach and constantly sprays our white sink with the stuff!  The only problem is that he chooses the most inappropriate times to do it (but I shouldn’t complain, at least he does it!)

Smells are very evocative too.  If I smell lime-washed walls I am transported back to my childhood and my paternal grandparents cottage in Wales.  The smell of nutmeg will take me to my memories of cooking with my maternal grandmother, and fresh wood chippings to the garden shed where my maternal grandfather would encourage me to experiment with different textures and effects.  Freshly baked bread (and who doesn’t like that smell?) will take me straight back to our kitchen at home when I was a child – helping my mother to knead the bread and following the process through, ancitipating the taste of the special small roll that would be the ‘taster’- fresh from the oven.  Do you like roses?  Part of our garden was crammed with them, and childhood summers were filled with the heavy perfume.  The smell of solder reminds me of my father as he experimented and built numerous radio and tv gadgets using valves and wires of all descriptions; and there are more……

However, to return to bananas, I have to admit that my DH LOVES cooked bananas!  There are occasions when I know he will ask for one, and I tactfully steer the conversation towards another food combination!  The problem with that, of course, is that he will cook one for himself, especially when I’m not around – when I’m away teaching, for instance – and that is just what happened recently.  Unfortunately, though, it was cooked with such enthusiasm that this one completely bonded itself to the surface of the pan and normal washing would not remove it.  Several strong soakings, first with a variety of strengths of bicarbonate of soda and then with proprietory brands of cleaner have also failed in their promise of success, so too have vigourous rubbings with  various scrubbers, so the pan was declared dead…….

This morning, early and unexpectedly promptly, a new pan was delivered.  I’m off to ‘season’ it now, but first, I must hide the bananas…….

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  1. Hahaha I love bananas, first choice just as they are and next in banana cake. Not a big fan of fried ones but I do love fried plantain whenever I can get any, have your or DH tried them? Smell is the most evocative sense, I have two old faves, both from my teens a perfume called Je Reviens and cheesy Old Spice after shave!


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