Confession time

How long have you been following this blog?  How well do you think you know me?  I’m sure I’ve given a lot away over the last 12 months.  Have you already discovered my biggest weakness?

Today started like any other.  Up early, curtains drawn.  That was a mistake – so dark that I had to turn the lights on anyway.  I might as well have left the curtains closed.  The outside scene, when I peered through the murk, was dreary.  It was raining, and the sky held the promise of more to come.

Breakfast was prepared and eaten, coffee drunk, I perked up a little, started making plans for the day.  Orders to fulfil, post office trip to make, shopping, a little art time, and, of course, anything else that might offer itself as a sidetrack (a sidetrack to the shopping part, by the way….) and then it happened……………………

I knew it was coming, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.  That, however, didn’t prepare me for the feeling of dread that I experienced, and that I always do feel when it happens.  I really don’t know how I would cope if I had to live with it day in and day out, as I know that so many of you do.  Sadly, I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without complaining – just like I am now!  You see, I’m a wimp.  There, I’ve said it.  I’ve confessed.  I’m sorry, but that’s the truth, and if I’ve misled you along the way I apologise.  However, at least you know now, and knowing is being forearmed!

So what was it that provoked such an almighty confession?  What disaster befell our community?

It was a snowflake.



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26 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. Now that did surprise me, I love the snow, especially after seeing your blog which has had snowflakes falling for quite some time now! Now why do some people dread the snow. Is it the thought of icy roads and slippery pavements. I think of excited children and frosty patterns on windows – these aren’t as common now with double glazing and central heating! Snowmen make me smile. You can see I’m in a very positive mood today.


    1. LOL, it’s good to be positive Sheila! No, it’s the thought of being cold. That real intense cold that just doesn’t go away and goes deep down inside. It hurts – that’s Reynauds for you. Told you I was a wimp.


  2. Funny, I was talking with my husband about just that yesterday; How I’ve read a certain number of blogs for about a year now, and some of them, I don’t know at all, and others feel like I’d know them in real life. When you’ve never seen their faces, your mind tend to make up an image of the person anyway.

    A snowflake?! …and here I am, ready to do a snow dance or throw a snow tantrum! It’s raining, it’s pouring and now snow in the forecast at all.


    1. Yes, Rebekah, I agree. I’ve enjoyed this year, and I hope you have got to know me a little! (Even if you didn’t know I was a wimp)

      Have fun in the snow. I’ll watch from the window if you don’t mind 😆


  3. This is genius. Truly genius. Well written and fun to read. You turn your morning upside down, you write a confession, you say to the world you are a wimp. And all that for a white piece of frozen rain.

    Well done 😀


  4. Well, I’m with you on that one. Snow means cold and cold hurts. 😦 I’m trying to keep a positive attitude, but deep down inside I feel the dread as we are heading into winter, my first in Cleveland. brrrrrrrr . . . .


  5. I’m totally with you I hate it and the chaos it causes. Down here in the south west we fare better than most but the last few winters its got us. On day last year after a week of walking to work on the ice I ended up in tears, I get so scared of falling and the potential repercussions of that! Plus it ruined Christmas because I couldn’t get where I was going. Because we get it less often than most places we are very poorly equipped to deal with it. Let it stay in Scotland they are used to it!
    Bah humbug!


    1. Actually Gilly, we don’t get that much more snow here in Scotland than you do in the southwest. It is a myth perpetuated by the BBC that has us snowbound from November till March. Ally xx


  6. I don’t think you’re a wimp. It’s common sense to dread the cold, bone-chilling temperatures of Winter. I try to think of an advantage that the cold weather brings. For instance, not having to deal with those giant Palmetto bugs that only live in tropical climates. Not having to squish giant roaches helps me get through another Winter in Missouri.
    Try to stay warm Myfanwy!
    PS Not everyone who lives in a tropical climate has a giant roach problem. We just couldn’t afford to live in a nice place that sprayed the whole apartment complex at once. We would spray our apartment and the bugs would just move next door for awhile.


    1. Thanks Cee. In theory we don’t have snow, but now you just don’t know! I remember being snowed in as a child – really snowed in! I think that’s why I feel the way I do.


  7. Snow, like the stay of relatives, loses its charms after a few days. My mother in law feels precisely the same as you do. It’s an end to mobility, normality and our normal way of life: you are no wimp, rather, you are a realist.


  8. Hi,

    The cold is starting to get to me and although I have requests for photographs of the snow; I am dreading it. My fingers really hurt by the time I’ve cleared the car of ice and snow. We had ice this morning but we have escaped the worst of it so far this winter. Even gloves don’t help, I was unpleasant to a check out girl who messed around in the supermarket. I had been in there 30 minutes and my fingers had only just stopped hurting!


  9. I too felt that dread when I saw the snow! I hate driving in it especially as 2 years ago, I nearly kissed a 6 foot brick wall with my car after the brakes failed. So I was a very happy bunny when it melted yesterday.


  10. A very well written post…really built a sense of tension and forboding, and all for a snowflake. lol. I have to agree though. The sight of snow no longer awakens my inner child, it fills me with dread (and sadness for other reasons, upon which I blogged about too coincidentally). You know you’ve lost your youth when Snow isnt magical anymore right.


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