The Day is nearly here

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I woke this morning to discover that it was Thursday.  Now that might not be a partlicular revelation to you, but this has been a busy week, and a lot has happened.  Once I realised the day I began to panic.  I’m nowhere near ready and there is hardly any time left.   So today I’m making a concerted effort to prepare.

Now, you all think that I’m talking about Christmas, don’t you.  Well you are wrong.  I’m talking about tomorrow, 23rd December.  The day before Christmas Eve.  It’s a tradition.

Once, a long ago, when she was as fit as a fiddle, my mother did a friend a favour.  The friend was younger, but very grateful, and she has never forgotten.  Each year she brings us gifts to commemorate this deed.  She arrives, has coffee and biscuits, tells us about the circumstances and how grateful she is, then hands over some little gifts.  We don’t expect them, they have to be a surprise, and we are extremely touched that she still remembers.  She then departs, pausing only to turn, on the doorstep, touch Mr Chittle Chattle on the arm and say ‘I’ve brought you your favourite.  I know how much you like them’, and then she is ‘off’ as though in a puff of smoke.

Tomorrow is nearly here, and I need to prepare those biscuits, so that’s my task for today.  Then tomorrow we will have our visit, and on Christmas Day Mr Chittle Chattle can open his gift and we will exchange one of ‘those’ glances.  Of course, the rest of the family will be watching too, and one of them will giggle.  You see, this package always contains…….

a pack of Werthers Originals!

Guess who doesn’t like Werthers Originals?

Well, actually, none of us!

So.  There you have it.

Buying a pack of Werthers Originals is something else I won’t be doing in 2012!

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  1. I was absolutely starving when I was in hospital a few years ago and tried to buy something from the trolley that cam around. There wasn’t much choice and I bought some Werther’s Originals only to realise that they weren’t dairy free! Then my money disappeared with some laundry and I couldn’t get anything! I survived it, just about!


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