‘All’ is revealed (almost)

I really didn’t intend yesterday’s post to be quite so cryptic!   Let me explain….

Being self-employed within the textiles world is not the easiest way to earn a living.  It would be lovely to think that everything produced was immediately snatched up for a vast profit, but of course that isn’t true.   So, to be invited to support a TV programme is a very welcome additional earning.  I’ve told you before about my visits to work on the embellisher machine, and when I received a phone call asking me to help out next Wednesay I presumed it was for the same reason.  However, some way into the conversation it became apparent that that wasn’t the case this time.

So… suddenly I had committed myself to supporting a programme with a product I had yet to ‘meet’.  (Hence my comment that it will qualify for being outside my comfort zone.) Thankfully one was despatched to me poste haste, and the photograph you have seen was the screen at the moment of switch on!  Here it is in all its full glory

It is fully automated, and I need to knuckle down and see if I can learn a lot about it in the time that is remaining.  Most of tomorrow is already booked elsewhere, so Tuesday is my deadline.  I have done one very tiny stitching experiment, here it is part way through

It’s late night viewing!  As far as I know it’s 10pm and midnight, so if any of you are insomniacs you will have something to keep you occupied.  It will also be online, so this means that it will be available in other parts of the world at a reasonable time too.  I’m still waiting for channels to be confirmed, so I’ll let you know those details tomorrow.

Remember the satsuma?  Well, it’s changed a little!  Here it is, taken earlier today

The stitching is much more loose, and the skin is shrinking as it dries out. I’m surprised that it has changed so much, so quickly.

That’s really all for today, but I’m just slipping in one more picture.  This little package contains an order from my Etsy shop.  There’s a little extra in there too, and tomorrow it will be winging its way to the USA.

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  1. Wow! What a fancy machine! Can you program it to do designs that you create? It makes my Elna look like needle and thread. But then my machine is over 20 years old and made a lot of children’s clothes. It’s still going strong, but now it sews things for the sailboat (sail repair, cushions, wind chute, etc.)


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