I’ve Got My Eye on You

It’s surprising what you see when you are quietly working.  I was in my studio, dyeing as it happens, when I looked out through the window.

Apologies for the piece of paper that’s in the bottom right, but I needed to be quick.  If you have been following my other blog you will already have seen this wood pigeon, it’s Hilda!  She and Howard often visit for a drink, but this is the first time I’ve been able to actually catch one of them ‘in the act’, as it were.

I moved, very carefully and was able to get a much better view, but still through glass and with reflections.  However, from this view I could see that I wasn’t the only one watching!

I watched for several minutes.  Neither moved, then the cat saw me, turned and sloped off.  I tried to creep outside and take a better photograph of Hilda, however, the door creaked and she was off in a flurry of wings.  Howard came a while later, but I was up to my elbows in dye by that time.

I haven’t forgotten my cryptic post of yesterday, I’m hoping to have more information soon and I promise I’ll pass it on when I do.

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View from the Back Door


10 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Eye on You

  1. Great post – I especially like the second picture of Hilda, even if you did need to take it through glass! (And I had trouble finding the cat, too – I had to click on the photo and look at the larger version to spot it.)


  2. I had to look at the third picture for quite a while to spot the cat’s face! Great captures … pretty creature, the wood pigeon!


  3. I’m glad the other commenters said something about the cat – I had to really look to find it.

    Wow, are you busy. I enjoyed browsing through your blog plus your other blogs. Incredible!

    Thanks also for subscribing to my blog – I appreciate it very much.



  4. My cats bird watch too. It’s always fun to watch the bird get away and sad when it doesn’t. These were dynamite shots considering they were through a window.


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