You never know where….

….. you will find inspiration.  Birthday cake is always very tempting.  My mother was a wonderful cook, and I remember my birthday cakes with great pleasure, however, there are other members of our remote family who don’t remember theirs in quite the same way.

I have a distant cousin.  I’m going to call her Pamela.  She was an only child, with very strict parents.  Those of you that know the TV series ‘Keeping Up Appearances‘ will instantly remember the character Hyacinth Bucket.  (If you haven’t seen it there are a few clips here).  You might think that HB was the archetypal snob, but I can assure you that she doesn’t even come close to Pamela’s mother.  Auntie Anne came from lowly beginnings, but she wasn’t going to let anyone discover that.  Her husband had to have a good job, and she was certainly the one that wore the trousers throughout their long marriage.  All meals, including breakfast, were served with full silver service, and that silver was polished on a very regular basis.  But I digress….

Imagine a birthday.  Imagine mother baking a cake for her daughter.

Imagine (don’t forget, this had to impress) an ENORMOUS birthday cake, imagine it suitably decorated.  Chocolate frosting, chocolate baubles, candles, suitably placed on silver platter.

Imagine this cake left on the counter in the kitchen ready for tea.

Imagine arriving home from school and seeing said cake on counter

Imagine the excitement of knowing that it had been made especially for you!

Imagine being unable to resist just the tiniest taste of that frosting.


All hell was let loose.  Caught in the act with no defence and a mother like Auntie Anne.  Punishment was swift.  Pamela was handed a spoon and made to eat the lot

Yes – the lot.

Every mouthful was counted down.  There was no remission, it all had to go.    This is fact, and, I think, EXTREMELY CRUEL

To this day Pamela cannot even look at chocolate cake.

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14 thoughts on “You never know where….

  1. Watched all the Brit Coms last night…Keeping Up Appearances, To the Manor Born, Are you Being Served, The Vicar….so very familiar with Hyacinth.
    Even so, I cannot imagine a mother making a child eat a whole cake. This, in my opinion, was very cruel.


    1. I couldn’t agree more, and it was the talk of the family for a very long time. It led to all sorts of untold problems, and I’m not in the least surprised…

      Sounds as though you had a fun evening 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh what a horrible woman. What a horrible mother. How terrible to grow up like that. I know the show you speak of. I used to watch it a lot. That woman drove me crazy just watching the show and I had friend very much like her. I have no use for that kind anymore.


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