Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

It’s the thought pattern behind this reminiscence that appeals to me.  I don’t think I’d want to tell if it was my secret….

If you must see the original you will have to take a trip to Blackpool, however, it’s the only thing worth seeing (in my opinion…..)

More entries to the challenge, and full details, can be found here

34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

  1. i wasn’t able to comment on ‘just snaps’ as pix & kardz, so i will just do so here. those were a bit squirmy-wormy for me. they brought to mind some childhood memories. i used to collect caterpillars in jam jars with nail holes in the lids for oxygen for them.
    couldn’t imagine doing it now 🙂


    1. They were very odd. I wouldn’t have liked to come across them after dark! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry about the other blog, not sure why that should be a problem.


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