Customers, be warned

This is a little late for those at Missenden Abbey, but I had decided that this was the weekend to introduce The Things to our customers.

Some of you know about our mobile shop

Today we set up in the Reception Area at Missenden Abbey.  Although mostly rebuilt in the 1980s following a fire, it is an area steeped in history, and the wall at the end is one of the originals.

We were no sooner set up than our little friends were demanding a tour.

Sadly it was a dismal day, so the lighting in some areas was abysmal.  The original stained glass are always an attraction, though

Things were very impressed!

They liked the newer windows in the bar, too,

Sadly I think the fact that they were in the bar went to their heads, this photograph is decidedly ‘off’, in spite of the fact that they were apparently stone cold sober…..

They really wanted to go outside

But frankly, it was almost too wet even for ducks.

Now I have to be honest, I’m not sure if they were more interested in the games or the biscuits.  I think it could have been the latter because…..

from there they went straight to the coffee cups.

Finally the tour was over, and all they had to do was make sure the change was ready for the customers.

I tried to encourage them to help by packing the customers bags, but they were more interested in hiding IN the customers bags……

The highspot of the day?

Why, burying themselves in a large bowl of candy that was sitting at reception.  (They’ve asked if we can go back tomorrow to find some more, but tomorrow is another day and something else is planned…..)

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  1. Looks like your ‘Things’ had a great visit and tour of the Abbey despite the weather. Thanks for the history lesson!


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