No Time for Customers!

Yesterday I told you how ‘helpful’ the Things were when we went to one of our selling venues.  Today we visited another, somewhere we go regularly, and I had expected them to take part in a similar fashion.  How wrong could I be?  Firstly, the weather was much too good to stay inside for long.  Unlike the rain of our day in the Chilterns yesterday, Wiltshire was balmy and sunny.  So while we got down to the business in hand our little blue haired friends were adamant that they wanted to investigate.

Of course, it was my fault!  I began by showing them where we made the tea and coffee

They loved the colour of the teabags, and then they spotted the clock

It is very old, and they were truly excited, as you can see.

Before I could blink, they were off.

They nipped into the Craft Shop, studying the pictures

and some of the handmade jewellery that was on display.

However, they were desperate to go outside, and before long they had left us to deal with customers and went off on  a mini adventure.  They were surprised to see the Green Man

and wanted to take him home with them, but I don’t think he’ll fit into an envelope.

This isn’t an instrument of torture (which is what they thought), it’s just something to use on the cricket pitch!

This definitely won’t fit into an envelope, I had to be really firm with them when they asked.

However, they loved the view of the back of the house

almost as much as the view of the front.

All in all it was a good day, and the best bit was that they even managed to keep quiet while we viewed a secret visitor from afar

So, that was our day at Urchfont Manor.

7 thoughts on “No Time for Customers!

  1. was checking back in — wondering how your embroidered satsuma was fairing, only to discover you are hosting Thing 1 and Thing 2. How fun! I’ve now signed up to host them too … possibly getting the honor sometime in the next millenium or so. Thanks for sharing your wacky creativity !


    1. My goodness! I’d forgotten about the satsuma. I think I’ll introduce them today – it’s shrunk quite a lot. Thanks for visiting, and have fun when they arrive. Be warned, though, you can’t take your eyes off them for a minute 😉


  2. Love your visitors, Thing 1 and Thing 2. They’re adorable! Don’t know if I could keep up with them though… they seem to be quite mischievous.


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