I’ve been quiet….

I’m exhausted!  Far too tired to blog.  Isn’t that silly?  Blogging doesn’t really take any effort.  I’ve pictures of Things to post, and things I want to tell you, but they will have to wait.

Back soon.  Just need a bit more sleep….. In the meantime, there are and have been a few scheduled posts here.

I need lots of energy for next week.  More in a day or so.

7 thoughts on “I’ve been quiet….

  1. Rest!! You obviously need it. Being physically ill or mentally & emotionally stressed can certainly leave you without enough left over for blogging. Take care of yourself!


  2. Hi Myfanwy…. now just you listen to Mummy and go to bed early and get rested you!
    WE need you fit and well… the blog can wait.


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