Always read what you write!

I did too much yesterday.  In truth, I hardly did anything, but even nothing was too much!  Today has mostly been spent in bed, recovering.  I feel a wimp, but it won’t last forever.

I did, however, upload the photographs from my camera.  I had forgotten what was on there, even though it was only those from a few days ago.  This was one

Yes, I admit it’s a bad photo, but it’s a ‘team’ photo!  I’m not on the team, but all those that are are shown.  Obviously the man at the top is the head of the team.

The four in the middle are all co-ordinators of one sort or another

The man at the top?

Why, it’s theTeaching and Learning Co-ordinMator!

It’s from a not very local secondary school.  Obviously no-one ever looks at the board.

14 thoughts on “Always read what you write!

  1. Oopsie! It’s always embarrassing (at least it should be) when schools don’t spell correctly.

    Then again, how many r’s and s’s should you put in embarrassing? Embarrasing. Embarassing. 😉


  2. Not sure what’s ailing you, but hope you’re on the mend. Between life’s busy-ness and fibromyalgia, I’ve not been blogging until just… Must admit my body aches make sitting at the keyboard uncomfortable. Can’t sit for hours on end like I had, although I can’t seem to tear myself away today. So I get up to stretch and whine to my hubby every so often. It really sucks to get old. But as I’ve no choice in the matter…I think I’ll continue to blog…and whine… 😉

    take care, dear friend…sending hugs of get well wishes…hugmamma. 🙂


    1. Thank you, and I do hope things improve soon. I’ve invested in an iPad, the wordpress app makes it easier to blog in other places (providing you have wifi of course) You need to take care too. Hugs back to you. Just back online! 🙂


      1. What’s ailing me is…old age. No picking myself up, dusting myself off, and jumping right back into life anymore. Now I barely managed to pick myself up after a couple of tumbles within the last week-and-a-half, and my back continues to ail me. Must go and see my chiropractor, post-haste. But other than these minor ailments… 😉

        An iPad…hmmm. Very cool! I’m thinking of an iPhone for my birthday so I can see my daughter and my grandkitty while talking. You think an iPad is a better investment?

        hugging you…and take care! 🙂


      2. Yes, get to the chiro as fast as you can! Back pain is so invasive – like toothache, it takes over.

        I use the iPad to chat to the family. If they have an iPhone it’s free. The pad needs wifi, which can be frustrating (it was while we were away last week, but if I had a mobile internet account it would be fine.

        Hugs back. You have my email if you want to use it.

        Take care 🙂


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