Urchfont Manor

I’ve written several times about teaching and taking our shop to Urchfont Manor.  Sadly, those days may soon be over.  There is more information about that here, but I thought I’d tell you about a small series of photographs that I recently began.

Clicking the photograph will take you to the first one in the series, and I’m gradually listing them all here

A recent visit  brought to my attention not just the beauty of the grounds, but also the exceptional views from various parts of the estate.  Once we no longer have access it will be too late, so over the next few visits I will take as many photographs as possible, just in case.  You might also like to take a look here where there is a link to a questionnaire.

I’m still recovering and recuperating.  Normal service will be resumed at some point, in the meantime, I’m dipping into blogs as and when I can.

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