Where did you watch TV last night?

It was a normal Monday evening.  Yes, it was a Bank Holiday, but we had nothing in particular planned, and the only prospect for the evening was either watching TV or doing some stitching.  Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and the prospects changed.  We were bundled (metaphorically speaking) into a car and whisked off to destination unknown.  Weaving to right and left we finally came to a narrow track which led to our destination.

It was dusk when we arrived, and we weren’t the only ones there, as you can see.  The object of our visit was just visible and illuminated by an enormous lamp.

Of course, we could have watched TV if we had wanted, there were two large screens suitably placed.

Suddenly, all was plunged into darkness

and the moment had arrived!

The Jubilee Beacon was lit.  Thanks for taking us, Phil, we had a really lovely time.

(Not everyone made it to a beacon, though, as you can read here)

2 thoughts on “Where did you watch TV last night?

  1. Hey there! The Dark Globe follower appreciation post sent me here. I really like your blog, especially the post about drama in Belgium. That was so awesome! 🙂


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