Travel theme – Foliage

So far the weekly photo challenge has been slow to appear. In it’s absence it has been suggested that I join in with the travel theme for this week, which is foliage. I’ve accepted the challenge, and here is the story behind the photograph

We travel almost every day. We travel to work. We don’t commute as our destination is usually different each day and we might only revisit once or twice a year (with a few exceptions). Once a year, though, we return to a place that is familiar where we rest, recuperate and gather our thoughts for the busy season that is about to start. We visit Wales. Surprisingly this destination can offer photographic opportunities that would fit into many unexpected themes, but those of you that know the area will also know that foliage is something that Wales has in excess.  Frankly, I was spoilt for choice, but I have decided to show you a picture from a rather special place. There is another entry on Just Snaps, but the story is here.

Once upon a time a widow spotted an abandoned cottage. It was below road level, but had an amazing view of the river Mawddach. After much investigation and arguments with the council she was able to purchase it – and so began the long journey to recreating a garden which had been started many years before. Once a year the garden is open via the National Garden Scheme, but it is always before we visit, so we regularly miss the chance to see it. However, the lovely lady in question also has a deep rooted interest in textiles and has therefore been on several of my workshops and consequently we were able to have a private visit to this wonderful space.

Here you can see just some of the wonderful foliage that  was evident at the time of our visit, and through the gap just the tiniest glimpse of what is beyond. All constructional work has been done using items found in the garde – slate, wood, etc. So far no gold – although it is very close to an ancient mine where Welsh Gold is still found…..

The photograph on Just Snaps shows you the road level. If you look at the top right you can see the house that is just visible opposite. You’ll find the picture here.

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