What can 56% of women do?

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It’s election time in the US again and there are two men competing to run the country and vying for the female vote. Where are the female candidates?
In 2012 there are currently 20 Female World Leaders serving as Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors serving their countries.  In the US, we don’t even have a female Vice President on the ballot.

And yet – there is a way. We only have to follow the example of Rwanda. Yup – that third world country that none of us knows anything about.  In four years time they went from 30% females in leadership roles to 56%. Guess what happened then …

Rwanda ranks #1 in the world in terms of women in the national legislature. It ranks above Sweden, Cuba, Norway, and Denmark, and 191 other countries.

The US currently ranks #79.

“What would happen if ‘overnight,’ women who are already…

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