A splash of colour

July 2013 001


Nasturtiums, always add a bright splash of colour to any garden. Equally at home in pots, hanging baskets or even the ground itself their only drawback is that they are also loved by blackfly an aphid which is itself loved by ants! Keeping them at bay can be a full time job, but their yellow, orange and red flowers are a reward in themselves. The leaves, and the flowers, are also a tasty addition to salads! Our daughter, then aged 3, discovered the peppery flavour while we were on a holiday in Scotland. We still pull her leg about it, even though she is now old enough to discern whether or not eating one is a good idea.

So, they are to be recommended if you want something different, but I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to see any for sale. Well, I did, on Saturday – and here is the proof!

July 2013 006a


The picture is a little blurred as I was trying to ‘shoot from the hip’, as it were. I didn’t want to draw too much attention to the attention I was paying to the display!

Enjoy your food today – whatever you are eating 😉

6 thoughts on “A splash of colour

  1. I love nasturtiums too but used to think they were a bit downmarket – that was until a visit to Cawdor Castle, where they had a massive profusion of them in baskets and pots – it all looked so flamboyant. Can’t say I’ve eaten them though – yet.


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