Your vote counts!

If you read my post over here you will know that I have just returned from a show. I’ve spent today sorting out bits and pieces and dealing with the inevitable admin that always rears it’s ugly head after such an occasion. I mentioned on the other blog that I had spent some time talking to my friend Iona. I’ve know her for a number of years – in fact, it’s so long ago I can’t actually remember how we first met, but if you visit her site you will see that she creates inspirational textiles using fibre and stitch.

Iona has been nominated as one of the ‘Artists of the Year’ contentants in Surrey. You can view her work at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham, Surrey, where there is work by all the finalists. The winner will be the one who receives the most votes, and I plan to go along and cast mine next Saturday. Take a look at her site, and also that of the gallery, and if you are near enough I hope you will visit and view the work for yourself. Photographs don’t do the art justice – you can’t get a proper idea of the texture and depth. Let me know if you are visiting – and if it’s about the same time maybe we can meet in person instead of ‘just online’.

One of Iona’s current projects – worth reading about, see here

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