And there it was! Gone!

And so it went! One minute the bed was there.. the next it had gone, with occupant, to theatre. It was almost 6 hours before I saw it again.

A difficult op, lots more found than expected, but hopefully a good result – and now the long recovery of this part can begin. When I left the occupant was drinking tea and wired to all sorts of monitors and oxygen. I finally arrived home sometime before midnight and crashed into bed. It was a long day…..



9 thoughts on “And there it was! Gone!

  1. I do hope Jock makes a speedy recovery. The first few days will be hard , but after that….
    Thinking of you both.


    1. Thanks Maureen, I feel like a wet rag today – probably with relief, but I’ll soon bounce back. I will sleep better tonight I think – and I’ll be eating normally which will help. Thanks for your messages, much appreciated 🙂


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