Trying again!

Hoping that today the picture will load. It’s another Post Box for Jude.

Wales 2014 189 (2)

Maybe this should be regarded as an ‘ex’ post box, but it is now used as a delivery box! The house that it serves is over a mile down a narrow bumpy track high up a mountain in Snowdonia! When it was fully operational it served just two houses – each approximately a mile from this point.

5 thoughts on “Trying again!

  1. Except for the “green -ness” I would be tempted to think it is in our Outback!, It’s amazing the thing used for delivery boxes on outback properties: old fridges, milk cans, bread bins! Thanks for persevering and finally posting!


  2. many thanks for persevering – that’s a cute ex-post box. Like Gilly, I couldn’t live that far from civilisation now, though I did once. Fantastic region though.


    1. I totally agree. It’s more remote than you might imagine – no mains water or electricity etc. We visit each year for a couple of weeks. It’s heaven! But…. we are so pleased to come home. 😉


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