Writing a blog isn’t always easy. We have to wait for inspiration – and find the time to write our masterpiece. We can count the words, include wise or witty tidbits, edit our photographs to perfection….  but we have no guarantee that anyone will come and read.

Unless, it appears, we write about CATS!

So here is a cat video that has no connection whatsoever to me – I just found it on the internet!

Link back – reblog – try it yourself….. whatever you like! Let’s see if it works!


9 thoughts on “Apparently………….!

    1. Cats! You either love them or hate them! I’m a cat lover, so if you don’t want to read about my lovely Abyssinian (when I have nothing else to blog about) feel free NOT to read my blog.


      1. Oh O don’t love or hate them, Maureen. The post was prompted by a newspaper article that stated that the most read blog posts are about cats! Keep up the good work and build your fan base 😂😂


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