Bereavement is strange. Sometimes it’s unexpected, but in truth it comes to us all at some time or another. We have had 3 within the last two years or so. The first, which was expected, hit me far harder than I imagined it would, and the others have compounded the feelings of loss.

I’ve withdrawn.

I’ve withdrawn from many things. This process began when my husband was dangerously ill, and although he recovered well it has left problems that we have to face. My life has change completely, I miss some things, but in actual fact it has changed for the better in many ways.

I’m only just able to start picking up the pieces. I think this is helped by the fact that it’s spring! The days are lengthening and the temperature is rising, apart from a couple of little hiccups, that is.

The one thing I have really missed is walking. I haven’t been able to leave the house for long in recent months. My walks have had to be timed to fit in with other things and my fitness level is, in my estimation, zero! I miss the time on my own and the sights and aromas of the passing seasons. Maybe soon it will be part of my regular routine.

In the meantime, I did manage a little walk today, and here are some pictures to prove it.

The road was quiet, but I wasn’t completely alone

Everywhere was quiet, even the graveyard, thankfully!

No, I didn’t visit, I had no cause to do so, this was taken over the hedge, and just as a mark of quietness.

The church is on the other side of time. We used to attend when we lived near here. It’s the oldest in the area, but not as old as those within just a couple of miles or so.

Signs of spring were everywhere. Catkins are a good indicator, and so too the Forsythia. This was my mother in law’s favourite plant. Sadly the cutting that we brought from the family home, which thrived so well to begin with, died last year.

The rosehips on this bush reminded me of my own home as a child. We had a garden full of roses.

Maybe I’ll surface a bit more and start writing again. Life goes on. I’m not sad – but trying to make the most of what’s really important.

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, I’ve wondered what was wrong but didn’t like to ask. It’s really good to see you here and starting to pick up, spring really does help. Take care my dear!


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