One leg or two or …?

I spent a brief moment catching up on my reading earlier. It’s been busy here, so I’ve been keeping my head down. All good intentions whizzed out of the window – but things will calm down again soon. One of my catchup moments involved this post from Frank Solanki, it brought back a distant memory which I’ll recount below, but warn you that it may not be for the faint hearted, especially if you are arachnophobic.

A while ago I recounted this story – interestingly it too was prompted by a post I had read.

Once upon a time there were two entomologists. They were fascinated by their specialist creatures, crawling creatures with eight legs! Spiders! Their studies took them to far flung places, but there were also plenty of species here in the UK to keep them occupied. It was discovered that, in proportion to their size, some spiders are full of exceptional nutritional value. This was a very exciting discovery, so they determined to investigate further. A taste test followed – sandwiches made with suitably selected species……

The verdict was not favourable, I’m pleased to say. Spiders were never again on their menu.

The family member mentioned in the earlier post is also the source of this story. He too is an entomologist (spiders are not his interest), and although he is now well into his 90s his memory is as good as ever, in fact he is still working, writing his books and papers.

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