SimplySnaps – Simply Blue

July has been a very odd month, and one to be forgotten, methinks. All was well until the extreme temperatures introduced a migraine into the equation, and then …

But don’t let’s dwell on what’s gone! Nothing can change it, so let’s just enjoy the present. I’m hear, at almost the last minute, with the last JulySquare.

Many shades of blue within the water and reflected sky.

SimplySnaps will return for August, and as this is the last JulySquares I’m already looking forward to joining in again in October.

Thank you Becky for a fun, albeit part, month.

3 thoughts on “SimplySnaps – Simply Blue

  1. oh this is such a lovely photo . . and it is so wonderful to have you back right at the end. Sending hugs, and hoping august is much better for you. Can’t wait to catch up again properly in October xxx

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    1. Thank you, Becky. I’m feeling better by the day. Haven’t had an attack for so long I missed all the warning signs! Silly me!! October is almost here ….


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