2020 retrospective- January

Posts on this blog have been sparse. I have had no heart for memes or daily photos since the beginning of the year.

Do you remember January? I find it difficult without referring to the photos I took. Life seems to have changed so much in our neck of the woods – but has it really?

The year began with temperatures about the same as now. Several days of crisp and cold, then a few wet and cloudy. We forget the weather so quickly – it rules our lives but the bad days soon overshadow the predominant good.

Journeys by rail were easy!

Even day trips to the seaside to meet up with family.

And see the sea.

The garden was sparse, but old faithful added a glimpse of colour while we waited for the bulbs.

By mid month we saw the first promise of spring.

I even made a two trips to Wales

Just to check up on the menagerie of course.

We met grandchildren from school on a regular basis and life was ‘normal’. It was all so easy.

And in between- I crocheted. (Read more about the crochet here)

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