2020 retrospective – March

March. In like a lion and out like a lamb? Well. We started the month with Corona – but we ended it with COVID-19!

The garden was starting to wake up.

Bulbs were showing their colour …

… and perfume too.

Even the bluebells were beginning to make an appearance.

(This is not my photo, and I can’t remember who sent it to me. Please claim it if it’s yours. )

The military were on the move as construction began on Nightingale Hospitals.

Almost without warning life began to change. March 16 saw the beginning of the first national lockdown. No unnecessary mixing was allowed. Those who were particularly vulnerable were to have virtually no contact at all. We fell into this group. Suddenly, there was no chance to go shopping, and no access to online supermarkets. Our son became the lifeline.

It was suggested that we ‘clapped’ to encourage the Carers and NHS. This began on 26 November and continued on a weekly basis. All over the country people stood in doorways or at property boundaries and clapped for about a minute. It was a chance to see the outside world and communicate by calling across the road and round and about. A few of our neighbours formed a support group online, and it became our main source of contact for some time.

We have several neighbours who are widows and have no local family. Life for them was difficult. Some are not on the internet so we began a routine of speaking by telephone each day.

The future seemed bleak, but Psalm 91 is positive – I read it daily and it was more than a comfort.

There is a crochet retrospective here.

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