I remember .. 5 ..


There is a fashion, currently, for knitting socks. A quick search on the internet will reveal a vast number of choices of suitable yarn in a rainbow of colours. Instagram and blogs are full of ‘first pairs’ and more. Obviously it’s creativity for the masses?

But I won’t be making any !!

Deep in my memory is receiving hand knitted socks as a child. Yarn was bulky and itchy in those days, and as I remember the awful feeling of actually wearing them …

Please don’t make me any.

4 thoughts on “I remember .. 5 ..

  1. I have been gifted two pairs of knitted socks. Very soft and not itchy but I can’t wear them in shoes and only wear them around the house with my slip on slippers.
    I won’t be making any any time soon. I crocheted a pair once – they went straight I to the donation box as soon as they were finished.

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