I remember .. 6 ..

Does this look a tangle?

It is actually quite ordered in my current sequence, which is complicated! But I have to admit that I’m not phased by tangles. I actually quite enjoy the relaxed moments of ‘untangling’.

It reminds me of precious time spent with my grandfather. It was a long train journey to visit, so all time was precious. One year, it was probably Easter, we visited as he was preparing the garden for seed sowing.

Seemingly miles of string had come off what had been a carefully wound bobbin. There were knots and tangles. He set too and began the work, then showed me how to help. The time passed quickly and we moved on to untangling nets for peas etc.

I always think of him when faced with a tangle – and his important advice. Never pull a tangle because it will only form a knot – and never pull a knot unless you want it to tighten!

3 thoughts on “I remember .. 6 ..

  1. Great advice. I am not a fan of untangling. Mom used to be great at it – the last time I gave her a batch to untangle, she just cut it !!!!!!

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    1. How sad. My mother used to help twist my dyed threads into skeins. Sadly the time came when suddenly she couldn’t remember how or why. 😢


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