Take a Stitch – Fly Stitch

I showed you the beginning here, and wrote a little more here.  I’ve posted more pictures below as I added more stitching. (More added 4th Jan, final photos added 6th Jan)

So far I’ve stitched using a hand-dyed Sassa Lynne fine perle thread, similar to these

Added on 4th January

I’ve done a little more stitching, still using the same thread, I have some contrast to add later.

These pictures are much closer to the actual colour.  The light was better when I took the photograph!

Following photos added on 6th January:

First I added some more stitching to the left hand side.

Apologies for the blue cast in the following few pictures, I made the mistake of photographing them in very bad light.  The one at the end, which include the threads, is a very good representation of the finished piece.

Contrast added to hilight the red in the background

The one below is the finished article!  Hope you like it.

The whole thing is worked in only two threads.  I’ve shown them both in the picture below.
So there it is – finished!  Just have to work it into a book cover now, but that will have to wait.

If you are taking part in the challenge and would like a blog link, don’t forget  to leave a comment, with your link, here.

There are some interesting effects in the following TAST Fly Stitch challenge.


15 thoughts on “Take a Stitch – Fly Stitch

  1. I had to comment again because my mind’s eye keeps returning to your work.. It makes me think of the Atlantic ocean, sea side towns, mermaids.. it’s really just so lovely. Thanks for stopping by and having a peek at my fly’s.. which now seem utterly lame. lol.


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