100 Steps – Join the Challenge

In recent months I have become much more aware of my environment. I’ve lived in the same area for many years, in the same house for several. It would be fair to say that I thought I knew the area well. I often walk, looking for inspiration. Sometimes I’m investigating in local woodland, or around a lake, or just along the roads. It’s fair to say that I’ve seen it all before – but I hadn’t properly LOOKED!

So, I started doing it slightly differently. Somewhere along my walk I choose a starting point, and then count 100 paces, really looking at the area as I stroll. I’ve noticed wrought iron gates that I didn’t know were there, lots of lovely plants that hardly had a glance, 20 pigeons having a party – and… well, lots more. You’ll be surprised at what you see even if you decide to start at your front gate and just walk 100 steps in one direction. How far is 100 steps? Not far! For instance ….

this short path cuts off a corner from the main road. You can see the end in the distance. It is exactly 100 steps long. I took the picture then began my walk, counting as I went.

During those few short steps I saw so many colours and textures in the dappled light I was amazed. 100 Steps was born.

Fancy joining me? All you need to do is choose a starting point and take 100 steps, photographing as you do so. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can do it – and how you notice things you didn’t know were there. I’d love to see what you spot within 100 paces. If you join the challenge don’t forget to link back to here or the current ‘100’ post. You can see more of my ‘100 steps’ here. Once a month or more often – that’s up to you.

39 thoughts on “100 Steps – Join the Challenge

  1. What an amazing idea! I do not know if i can do this .. I mean i can but my environment is black top and stuff.. I am loving what you have here.. I have to come back when I have lots of time and see what else i can participate in – I have been bitten by the art journaling bug and am contemplating a challenge to offer as well… jsut working out the bugs but wow I am so glad i found you, found me.. 🙂


  2. Hi Myfanwy,

    I keep meaning to take part in these WordPress things, but never do! I could do the post a day, I do write a post every day. I look at everything when I’m walking through woodland. We see wild life and even the geology interests me. I found volcanic shale at two places and wondered about it, it seems that it is really common here! There’s masses of it and I hadn’t noticed it before. There must have been a volcano in Wolverhampton a few million years ago!


  3. What a great idea!! This concept reminds of the “buy local” movement we have, especially here in Oregon. The idea is to only buy things that are made within 100 miles of where you live. I will take my camera or iPhone with me and pace out 100 steps to see where it leaves me. Thank you!


  4. I remember doing this challenge on a visit to Wallington Hall in Northumberland. It’s amazing the design potentials came out of that visit and response to the 100 step challenge. I’m doing it as a matter of course now. The photos help me remember the observations. Sxxxxxx


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